Choose a right underwear for you

Healthy underwear might affect your self confident, mood, performance, emotions as well as your overall health. These are some of our guide for you to choose the right underwear for you.

Get to know each material that has each benefit and purposes:

1) Cotton
Cotton material is soft, light and friendly to a sensitive skin. It also absorb moisture and sweat much better than others. However, cotton material does not have a strong texture that will help shape up your booty or breast. It is a good if you are highly active like during workout or help your Miss V to breathe at night.

2) Nylon

Nylon has a strong texture, light and elastic. Which it means it can help shape up your booty for more rounder and firm look. Choose nylon material that has cotton material in Miss V area to help absorb moisture and sweat.

3) Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is soft and comfortable against the skin, as it is naturally smooth and round even without any chemical treatment. Bamboo fiber has a function as anti-bacteria, which is suitable to use in tropic climate such as Indonesia.

4) Viscose

Viscose is made from tree wood pulp, like beech, pine, and eucalyptus. Viscose is famous for its absorbent, lightweight, breathable, soft and maintain their shape even after many times being used. 

5) Modal

Modal is a form of rayon, another plant-based textile which is eco-friendly and more durable. Modal is also stronger, lighter and breathable which is ideal for you with sensitive skin.

6) Lyocell

Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fabric that is commonly used as a substitute for cotton or silk. It is a form of rayon and it feels soft as cotton. So it is good for you who is genuinely active or want to feel comfort during your daily activity.

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