Rp 65.000
Face the world with confidence and comfort like you've never felt before with CozyCamar's Wireless BH Wireless.


● Provides Natural Support: The Wireless Padded Bra is specifically designed to offer comfortable, natural support that allows you to feel free and comfortable all day long without feeling constrained or pressured.

● A more shapely shape: By removing the foam, Nora (Wireless bra) will follow the natural contours of your body. So, you will feel more confident with an authentic and natural appearance.

● Made of high quality material which is soft, lightweight and durable. This material ensures great comfort, as well as easy maintenance and a long service life.

● Equipped with easy-adjustable hooks and straps to create the perfect fit for your needs. That way, you'll feel comfortable and supported all day long.

● Suitable for various situations, (Nora) is very suitable and versatile to be used with various clothes and activities. This simple and elegant design allows you to wear it under dresses, tight tops, or everyday casual clothes with confidence.

● It's healthier for the skin because it's wire free and foam free. Nora provides better air circulation, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergies. This makes this bra an ideal choice for those with sensitive or sensitive skin ketidaknyamanan pada bra kawat pada umumnya.

● Invest in your comfort, confidence and happiness by choosing (Nora). With natural support and a simple but elegant appearance you will quickly see why this bra is a favorite for many women.

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