Rp 55.000
Color: Peach

● It really helps to prevent moisture and bacteria in your intimate area, eliminating itching and fungal infection.

● The waistband is adjustable for a comfortable fit, while wide thighs allow free movement during exercise or physical activity.

● Made of soft and breathable cotton, you can wear it all day, everyday.

●The right material is key to a happy pregnancy and new mother. In our maternity wear, you will find all of the materials that are perfect for you in that special time. With soft fabrics and colors that make you feel confident and beautiful, we’re sure you’ll love what you find!



L : 60 cm - 70 cm

XL: 75 cm - 85 cm

XXL: 90 cm - 100 cm


65 kg - 90 kg


90% Cotton 10% Spandex




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