Rp 55.000
Color: Black

Do you have a rounder face and the body of an apple or pear? Then this Sexy Lace Panty is exactly what you need. 

● The lace features is beautiful, soft, smooth and comfortable to touch when in contact with skin.

● This lace thong also helps to cover the lower side of your stomach so that your appearance looks more sensual and sexy.

● The beautiful design helps decorate both hip-sides, which makes this amazing sexy lingerie great for coordinate couples who want to add spice in their bedroom life.

● Made from top quality nylon material for comfort, superior durability and stretch properties, this excellent lingerie set can be worn all day as well as night out on special occasions!



L: 65 cm - 80cm

XL: 85 cm - 100 cm


65 kg - 90 kg


90% Nylon 10% Elastane

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