Rp 45.000,00
Color: Black

● It is super soft and stretchy, with a thin layer of cotton in the Miss V area that can absorb moisture and sweat better to prevent bacteria from forming.

● This semi-seamless pants model with thin panty stitches is ideal for you to wear to work and also for those of you with a slim and slender body shape.

● It is able to prevent bacteria from forming in the Miss V area which means no odor!

● Feel the softness of the super elastic nylon material, and a layer of cotton that can absorb moisture better.

●The plain color tones will go with any outfit which makes it a great accessory to have in your wardrobe this summer. 



M: 60 cm - 70 cm

L: 75 cm - 85 cm


55 kg - 65 kg


64% Nylon 36% spandex

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